Philosophy of Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential part of an individual’s development which concentrates on the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of human growth. These components of human development can build students into not only physically healthy children and young adults, but intellectually educated people.
 Establishing a safe and secure environment, along with physical motivation for all students to achieve his/her goals is fundamental in a student's education.  The physical education curriculum has the ability to accommodate all students, all skill levels and learning capacities.  In the course of developing the aspects of basic movement patterns, students are preparing themselves for participation in lifelong activity.  All students should be given support through appropriate physical activity and fitness.  This can be demonstrated throughout a welcoming and secure environment.  
 Lastly physical education should be pleasurable, challenging and adventurous.  It should hold an importance for students and create a strong foundation for exercise and a healthy lifestyle at a young age.  Students are the most important part of physical education. Striving for goals and achievements is vital in students' development during his/her educational career. This delicate process of human growth will evolve through physical education and promote responsibility, respect, teamwork, as well as goal- setting.  Students will also gain personal value and self-worth which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.